Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Richmond, BC

Thousands of feet of pipe for just one purpose……..


Large Commercial and Industrial Projects Provide Large Roof Areas and Have a High Water Demand…. Creating A “Perfect Storm” Where the ROI can be seen in 5 to 10 years.

Every year we choose one project to highlight, one project that stands out from the rest. Our Commercial / Industrial Rainwater Harvesting Project in Greater Vancouver for 2019

IKEA Richmond in Greater Vancouver Rainwater Harvesting Update

IKEA has always been at the fore front of Eco-Friendly Ethical Environmental Stewardship. The original IKEA building in Richmond BC was build in 2012 and IKEA had a Rainwater Harvesting System Installed to flush Toilets and Urinals ONLY. Now 7 years later IKEA wanted to update this Rainwater Harvesting Technology. Therefore they choose the most widely used rainwater harvesting manufacture in Canada – Cleanflo Water Technologies. Cleanflo replaced the pumping and treatment system designed to operate at 160 Gallons Per Minute.

Supply Rainwater Pumping and Treatment Skid

  1. Rooftop rainwater is captured, cleaned, sanitized and then pressurized to support in toilets and urinal flushing. Municipal city water is added VIA an air gap to the system as a back-up if the rainwater tank is empty.
  2. Rainwater will then enter a 100,000 liter concrete cistern built into the building. The rain tank has an overflow to the storm system should it be filled to capacity during a rain event
  3. NEW processing skid located inside the building will contain components for pumping final filtration, sanitation and controls. Complete solution Provided by Cleanflo Water Technologies.

Project Management

Cleanflo Water Technologies provided a complete solution to the client. They provided a new Rainwater and Pumping and Treatment Skid as well as facilitated the removal and installation of the new system. As Cleanflo authorized installers we managed then installation portion of this project.

Control Panel – Built in Canada!

UL LISTED Industrial Control Panel is designed and built in Canada by Cleanflo Water Technologies. Cleanflo Water Technologies is a UL Certified Panel Shop and they provide a complete solution to rainwater harvesting in commercial and industrial applications in Greater Vancouver and Gulf islands. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides a touch screen display and Internet connectivity, this system can be monitored and controlled form anywhere in the world !. The Control panel main power supply from the building 208V/3PH/60HZ, 60 AMP service. The pumps are controlled by two Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’S) witch will adjust pump speed to maintain a constant pressure system. Furthermore the control panel will monitor pressure at 5 location down the flow path using analog 0 to 10 volt pressure transducers, and provide alarms if the differential pressure becomes to high and indicates maintenance or filter replacement. Next the contol panel will monitor the flow rate output from the Cleanflo Rainwater Pumping and Treatment Skid and the flow rate of the city water. This is accomplished using 2 Electromagnetic flow meter with accumulative water use. The flow meters are connected to the contol panel VIA MODBUS. Lastly the contol panel will monitor floats in the rainwater tank and control the tank top up solenoid valve. In the event that the rainwater tank is empty the city water will fill the rainwater tank VIA an air gap.

Dual Pumps with VFD

When there is demand for non-potable water, a drop in the system pressure signals the main pressurization pump to begin. A vertical multistage booster pump next to cistern in mechanical room will provide 80 US GPM at 75 PSI which is sufficient to meet demand. The pump incorporates variable frequency drive (VFD) that automatically adjusts speed during low and high volume demand saving energy and reducing pump wear. If the system requires more than 80 US GPM then the second multistage booster pump in parallel will be signaled to start. The pump alternate to reduce start / stop cycles.

Ultra Violet (UV) for Rainwater

Sanitizing the water before leaving the system ensures that it is safe for use in a public building. After water is filtered, it is sanitized by an ultraviolet system rated to handle 200 US GPM ( 4 chambers each can handle 50 US GPM) and then sent to the toilets and urinals system. The UV bulbs will last for 9000 hours and will provide safe non potable water. Rainwater that is not UV sanitized could adversely effect people who may come in contact with it and may stain any fixtures with organics and possible algae growth.

Filtration for Rainwater

Before the water is sent to the toilets and urinal system, it passes through a 3-step filtration process. The first is a mechanical filter that removes particulates down to 80 microns in size. This filter is self-cleaning and will automatically back flush as needed based on a timed cycle or differential pressure. The second and third stage is proprietary to Cleanflo.

Remove the old

The first step to installation was removing the older rainwater pumps, VFDS’s and control panel.  This was accomplished by firstly temporarily plumbing the toilets and urinals over to city water.  Next we removed the old equipment for proper disposal. The old equipment was packed up on a pallet and Shipped to be disposed.  Any remaining pipes anchors, straps, were removed and we left with a clean location to deploy a brand new Rainwater Harvesting – Pumping and Treatment Skid from Cleanflo Water Technologies.